Updating Your Kitchen in East Meadow or Levittown, NY?

You'll love our expert kitchen remodeling services

Is entering your kitchen like traveling back in time? It's probably time for an update. Talk to TAS Construction Corp about our kitchen remodeling services. Tell us what you want your new kitchen to look like, and watch our team transform your existing space.

Schedule kitchen remodeling services in East Meadow, Levittown, NY or the surrounding area by calling 516-351-5352 today.

Providing comprehensive bathroom remodeling services

Don't settle for just repainting your bathroom. You need complete bathroom remodeling services. Count on TAS Construction Corp to handle your remodel's:

  • Plumbing work: Rearrange plumbing to accommodate new fixtures
  • Electrical system installation: Reroute wiring during wall additions and removals
  • Upgrades: Install any fixtures and appliances

If you've purchased new appliances or fixtures, such as a vanity, shower kit or toilet, you can count on us to install them. Just give us a list of everything you want added to your bathroom, and we'll handle it all.

Learn more about our bathroom remodeling services by calling our East Meadow, New York office right away.

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